Welcome to OPTIQ-2023!

Oral / poster presentations by the students will only be considered for the Best paper award
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XLVI OSI Symposium
International Conference on Optics, Photonics and Quantum Information
December 11 -13, 2023
Cochin University of Science and Technology
Cast in the mould of a federal University, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) is now a premier Science and Technology University of the country, established in 1971. OPTIQ -2023 is the XLVI in the series of annual symposia of the Optical Society of India and is being organized at CUSAT to foster interactions among the broad disciplines in Optics. Selected abstracts will be published in the form of full papers after peer review in Journal of Optics (OSI-SPRINGER).Greetings from Cochin University to the Optics and Photonics community and to all of our friends from around the world. We look forward to seeing you all here for a wonderful time. Click the button Below to find the Abstract;
How to reach CUSAT
  • Airport to CUSAT

    If you're arriving at Cochin International Airport, our campus is 19 km drive away. You can take a cab or you can find Airport Feeder Bus (PawanDoot ), which will get you to the nearest metro station (Aluva) and within 13 mins you can reach CUSAT.

  • Aluva Railway Station to CUSAT

    If you're arriving at Aluva Railway Station, our campus is 9 km drive. The nearest metro station is 1 km away (Aluva), from there you can reach CUSAT. An alternative is to have a bus ride which will take 40 mins to reach CUSAT.

  • Ernakulam (South) Railway Station to CUSAT

    If you're arriving at South Railway Station, our campus is 13 km drive away. The nearest metro sation is 200 m away, from there you can reach CUSAT.

  • Ernakulam(North) Railway Station/ Town Hall to CUSAT

    If you're arriving at North Railway Station/ Town Hall, our campus is 10 km drive away. You can walk into the the nearest metro (Towm Hall metro sation) which is 400m away from the railway station which will get you to CUSAT.

Scope of the Symposium
Nano-photonics & Plasmonics (NPH)
Artificial-intelligence and Machine-Learning in Photonics (AMP)
Photonic Crystals & Metamaterials (PHC)
Guided Wave and Nonlinear Optics (GNO)
Quantum Optical Technologies (QOT)
Green Photonics (GPH)
Fiber Optic Devices, Sensors and Instrumentation (FIB)
Photonic Networks, Switching Interconnects & Access (NET)
Optoelectronic Devices (OED)
Biophotonics & Medical Optics (BPM)
Optical Data Storage & Display Devices (DSD)
Imaging and Super-resolution (ISR)
Optical Interferometry and Holography (HOL)
Singular Optics & Laser Speckles (SIN)
Diffractive, Free-form and Adaptive Optics (DFA)
Optical Materials (MAT)
Integrated Optic Circuits and Devices (IOC)
Optical Instrumentation, Fabrication and Metrology (IFM)
Optical System Design (DES)
Optical Sources and Illumination Engineering (SIE)
Microwave and THz Photonics (MWT)
Lasers Applications & Beam Optics (LSB)
Ultrafast Optics (UFO)
Theory, Modelling & Simulation (THM)
Quantum Information (QI)
Any other topics related to Optics and Photonics (OTH)
Chair : Dr. Pramod Gopinath
International School of Photonics